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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How to stop hair fall?

Hair fall

How to stop hair fall?

Nowadays, it has become commonplace to have hair fall in a runny life. Whether there is a city or village, increasing pollution not only affects human but also animal's health. In which man's baldness-hair loss seems to be a major problem. Some people have lesser hair fall problems than others but hair loss is a problem for everyone. Whether man or woman, child or old age, Hair loss in all can be clearly seen. Along with the fall of hair, hair also become whitens earlier than age. In old days all these symptoms were due to old age, but today children's start getting white. Hair loss not only shows the health of your hair but also tells about your mental and physical health. The scientist has also made a number of attempts to prevent the problem of hair loss for a long time, which have also been successful in growing the hair unnaturally. But in order to prevent hair loss, many indigenous and home-based prescriptions are also reported in our country. Let's know about the natural remedies which are really effective.

Hair Structure

To prevent hair loss, it is necessary that we know which ingredients participate in hair formation. Therefore, let's know the structure of hair first-

There are two main parts in one strand of hair-

1. The root
2. Shaft

As the formation of any tree or plant start from their root, in the same way, the hair formation begins with root and end up to shaft.
You must have heard the famous proverb “Baal ki khaal Nikalna" that means to go into the depth of something which is also called as “Nitpicking ".
I am saying this proverb here because the root is the bottom-most part of a hair that goes into the depth of any hair structure.

The root is the main part of the hair that is inside the skin of our head and we do not see it. While the shaft is the part of the hair above the head which we can see.

How to stop hair fall?

One hair has three main parts-

1. Cuticles - This is the outermost surface of hair which we see.

2. Cortex - This is the surface inside the hair. It contains 90% protein. These proteins are made of amino acids. Amino acids are made up of various peptide bonds. These bonds are formed from the bottom to the top of the staircase.

Apart from this C, O, H, N & S are key elements. Normally, the percentage of these elements in a hair is something like this -
C - Carbon - 51 %
O - Oxygen - 21 %
H - Hydrogen- 6 %
N - Nitrogen - 17 %
S - Sulphur - 5 %

3. Medulla - This is the central part of the hair. It is only found in tall dense hair and absent in thin hair.

Formation of hair structure starts with the hair follicle. The hair follicle is the structure of the shape of a tube that has hair roots, small muscles, and dermatitis. The first is to form a hair bulb by adopting a dermis nutrient that is the first stage of hair growth. Hair bulb is the lower part of the structure of the hair. In which hair cells are formed and form a hair shaft. The hair follicle contains small muscles that shrink due to excessive coldness or frustration, causing the hair to stand straight. We also know this situation by the name of “Goose Bumps". Sebaceous glands secrete oil syrup (moisture) to keep hair skin moist.

The main reason for hair fall -

1. Increased quantity of testosterone in men causes die hydro testosterone (DHT), which blocks the root through the hair follicle and thus hair growth stops. It only happens in men.

2. Due to genetic properties, hair may also be reduced.

3. Women often wear hair tightly which creates tension in the hair; it is the main reason for hair fall.

4. Women can also see the problem of hair falling during pregnancy.

5. Excessive exercise may also reduce hair growth.

6. Due to the lack of nutrients, the difference in hair health can be seen clearly.

7. Due to changes in water, you may also be disturbed by the problem of hair loss.

8. Living in a polluted environment does not only have a bad effect on your body, but you can also feel the change in your mental health.

9. The sudden change in your lifestyle can cause hair fall.

10. Hair gets whiten and thinner due to rising age.

On average one hair increases half an inch per month, which achieves 90% length in 3 to 5 months. It comes in resting phase after some time and then falls to repeat the cycle for new hair growth. The speed of hair growth is different for everyone. It depends on their physical and mental health. It's normal if 3-4 hair falls a day but if this number is greater than 10 and you can see the skin of your head under hair clearly then you are also at the first stage of baldness.

All hair is in the different stage of their construction cycle at a time, so you are not going to be completely bald but as your age rises you get thinner hair strand than before.

Normally men face the bald area at the monarchy or the top while in women it can be seen in frontal or lateral part of a head.


1. Linseed

How to stop hair fall?

Men who have DHT problems that are the amount of testosterone required in their body becomes more and you may feel physically weak and have increased emission of hormone in your body. To get rid of such condition the linseed should be eaten. It will prevent the enzymes to form testosterone which is responsible for hair loss but does not consume it too much as it is harmful to health due to lowering the amount of testosterone.

2. Green tea

How to stop hair fall?

Green tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which increase the flow of blood in the hair follicle, which strengthens the hair and it is also useful for DHT.

For this, first take half a glass of warm water. Now put a tea bag in it. Keep dipping until the water turns yellow. Now fill it in a spray bottle.  Massage your hair with this solution for 15-20 minutes before bath and then wash with conditioner.

Remember the hot liquid weakens your hair and also damage your skin, so use cold water only.

Doing this will not only reduce your hair loss, but your hair will become shiny and soft.

3. Coconut

Coconut is rich in protein, fat, potassium and iron. Therefore, we can use it in different ways to strengthen our hair-

Coconut oil

How to stop hair fall?

We can use coconut oil to keep hair and head skin naturally healthy. Coconut oil not only helps in the development of hair but also helps to remove dandruff (dead skin). Coconut oil cures lack of protein in hair as well as strengthens the hair shaft.

Stir the bottle of coconut oil in hot water for a while, which will make oil lukewarm. Now with the upper vein of your fingers apply this oil on your head's skin. Keep moving your fingers slowly across your hair. Do this for 10 minutes. Do not be hasty. This process will increase the blood circulation in the roots of your hair. Wash your head with lukewarm water after 1 hour or in the morning. Do these three times a week.

Remember that you should not keep your hair wet into the oil for more than one day. That makes your greasy and cause dandruff because pores will be blocked by oil layer.

Coconut Paste

How to stop hair fall?

Grind the coconut white part finely. Now add little water to it and make a thick paste. Place this paste at the roots of your hair (over your head). Now cover your head with a hair mask. Let it be overnight. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo in the morning.

 4. Aloe Vera

How to stop hair fall?

Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enzymes that are able to generate dead cells present in the skin. Aloe Vera works not only for the hair but also the conditioner. It enhances the speed of hair growth, prevents itching, reduces the hair fall and makes the hair conditioned and soft.

First of all, take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and was it well. Now cut the edges and remove all the gels in a bowl. Mix it well.

Now take 2 tablespoons of grated ginger and garlic paste. Keep them in a clean cloth then filter into aloe Vera gel. Now mix it properly.

Garlic and ginger not only help to remove the dead skin from the head but also strengthens the hair with roots and keeps the skin of the head live due to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties it has.

Now add 2 spoon olive oil.

Olive oil keeps hair straight and brings shine. Now mix it well.

Your hair protection armor is ready now. You can apply it directly to your head and then wash after 30 minutes.

Remember not to use too much shampoo, just use a little amount of shampoo to finish the odor.

5. Henna herbal pack

How to stop hair fall?

Purchase the best quality of henna that suits your hair. Take it out in a bowl. Now put some curry leaves in water and keep boiling. As soon as the water starts getting yellow, Turn the gas off and let it cool down. Now put 2 teaspoon curd and squeeze a half lemon in henna powder. Now add water containing this hard leaf and prepare a thick paste. Put the remaining curry leaves water in the refrigerator for after use.

You can see the difference in a month if you do this once a week.

It's better to wash your hair after 2 hours but if you want to keep it overnight then mind that it should be dried completely else it weakens strand.

Henna is very beneficial for your hair. It has been used to enhance the beauty of hair since ancient times. Not only does it make the hair healthy, it also gives them a new color.

Remember before applying this pack, free your hair from dust. Do not add henna to dirty hair.

In the summer season, you can also use this pack to provide cooling to the head.

6. Change lifestyle

How to stop hair fall?

Nowadays, lifestyle is very different from old times. Children are growing faster than before. From childhood, they run into the race of school grades which gradually becomes the race of life. In this long journey, we forget to look after our bodies and gradually become a victim of malnutrition. Polluted air, dirty/hard water, and oily and fatty food cannot feed the body full nutrition. In such a way your body first brings nutrients to those organs which are most needed. In this process, hair comes on the last step, because the fall of hair does not hinder the physical and mental process of your body.

So we need to change our lifestyle, take the proper sleep, diet, eat vitamin A, D, E & K. Do not stand under sunlight in the afternoon. It makes your skin black and hair white. Hair should never be washed with too hot or cold water; it makes your hair lifeless. Do not tie the hair tightly, it makes the roots weak. Massage with oil twice a week so that hair can get moisture. Do not go into dust with wet hair. Massage your child's hair every day and wash with herbal shampoo in the morning. Make a habit of keeping your body clean since childhood. Never use chemical shampoo, conditioner, hair color, and oil.

Hair does not require any kind of medication, it is necessary to take proper diet and care. To remove your mental stress, go to the park every morning and inhale fresh air or do Pranayama at home if you cannot go to the park.
Remember, excessive exercise can also cause hair fall, so exercise your body accordingly. Do not Over exercise at the gym.

7. Onion juice

How to stop hair fall?

Not only for hair fall but onion for all kinds of hair problems is absolutely boon. Use onions to get rid of hair loss, whitening, and dandruff and baldness problem.

Sulphur is found abundantly in onions, which strengthens the "Dy sulphide bond" that participate in the structure of the hair and prevents hair from falling.

If you apply the onion juice regularly in your hair then your hair growth rate will be twice.

Let us know how onion juice enhances your hair color and growth.

For this, first, peel 3-4 onions and wash them well. Now grind them finely. Wrap these pieces of onions in a cotton cloth and squeeze in a clean vessel.

Now keep this juice for half an hour in your hair. Wash with shampoo after 20 minutes.

Use this method three times a week and see changes gradually. Natural treatment has a late effect but these treatments end the problem completely.

To grow the hair again, add one-quarter cup of onion juice to 2 teaspoons of honey. Now mix them well and apply it in your hair and wash after some time.

Honey provides the density to hair which makes hair dense and taller.

Apart from this, you can also apply onion with olive oil. Mix one teaspoon olive oil and one spoon coconut oil in a quarter spoon onion juice. Do not apply this mixture to the roots of your hair. Apply onto the shaft of hair with light hands. Leave it for 2 hours, and then wash it with shampoo. This will strengthen your hair shaft, which will help you to get rid of split ends and weak hair.

To make hair shiny and dense you can also add beer into onion juice. For this grind the onion finely and then add 1 teaspoon of beer and coconut oil into onion juice. Apply this mixture on your hair for 1 hour then wash it with shampoo.

8. Eggs

How to stop hair fall?

The egg is a good source for healthy hair. There is too much protein in it which is necessary to make peptide bonds present in the cortex. Due to the pollution, the correct amount of protein does not reach the hair and the hair starts falling down due to dryness.

To use the egg first take an egg and break it in a bowl. Put the yellow part in the bowl. Now add 5-6 teaspoon water and blend it.

Now apply this mixture in the roots of your hair and massage it well then leave it for 1 hour and then wash it with shampoo.

Vitamin A, B, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, proteins, and iron are abundant in the egg. They provide strength to the hair from the roots.

Remember to use it only twice a month, do not overdo it.

Hair growth, glow, thickness and blackness all depend on your health. Always take care of your health.

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