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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Exercise for erectile dysfunction

Exercise for erectile dysfunction

Nowadays erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the common problems for many men, and it can be embarrassing and frustrating sometimes. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur from many causes like diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone, obesity hormonal fluctuations, psychological issues, nerve damage, and blood flow problems. Smoking, stress.

You can say it’s one stage of impotence but be relax because in this world so many ways to treat for Erectile dysfunction (ED). We will discuss some below

What is erectile dysfunction ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It’s also sometimes referred to as impotence.

It seems that erectile dysfunction is a common condition to occur and it can be easily cured. In fact, there are lots of remedies like going to natural ways by using natural supplements that promise to boost sex drive, stamina along with muscle mass.

What are the symptoms of ED?

You may have erectile dysfunction if you regularly have:

1. Trouble getting an erection
2. Difficulty maintaining an erection during sexual activities
3.Reduced interest in sex

Other sexual disorders related to ED include:

1.Premature ejaculation
2.Delayed ejaculation

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Exercises for the Treatment of erectile dysfunction ED

Kegel exercises:-

Kegel exercises are one of the best exercises for the treatment of erectile dysfunction ED. This can be done by both men and women. Women often follow this but men can also follow it to keep themselves healthy. This exercise is recommended by doctors many times as it can cure ED.
Many men use some supplements as well as tries some other methods to achieve that situation but unfortunately fails. Well, many guys try some exercises to increase the ejaculation control.

One of them is Kegel exercise which helps in ejaculation control and helps in achieving strong erections. Even if some hard work is done with this exercise then it can have more benefit.

Steps for Kegel exercises:-

Lie down on a mat or your bed. Contract and hold your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds. Do this without contracting your buttocks, abdomen or thigh muscles. Then relax them for five seconds and repeat the exercise.

Push-ups exercise for erectile dysfunction ED:-

Push-ups help to strengthen your core muscles. Without this exercise, your other muscles won’t be able to withstand the sexual act and become tired too soon. This exercise also strengthens your abs, shoulders, lower back, chest, legs, arms, and buttocks.

There is a slight modification for sufferers of erectile dysfunction, instead of lowering yourself completely to the ground, lower you just halfway down. This will enable you to do the reps faster and also increase your sexual strength, and stamina.

Push-ups also increase your endurance and strengthen your upper body. If you practice this exercise regularly, you will notice a remarkable difference in your sexual ability for maintaining a strong thrust. These exercises also increase the muscle mass, which, in turn, means that your muscles need to consume more energy for carrying out its functions. So, you will end up losing a higher number of calories every day. This will help you to reduce your weight. These exercises also improve the heart functions and help in maintaining stable levels of blood pressure and blood sugar.

Hip Thrusts exercise for erectile dysfunction ED:-

Hip thrust exercises are considered one of the best exercises for erectile dysfunction ED because they improve your ability to impart such a thrust.
To practice, start with your shoulder blades firm against a bench. Spread your arms to maintain stability. Brace your core as you take in deep breaths through the nose, and blow the air out fully through the mouth.

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Squats exercise for erectile dysfunction ED:-

The exercise is acknowledged for toning the muscles in your buttocks but is a great way to train the muscles in the thighs, hips, buttocks, quads, and hamstrings. Besides, the exercise also benefits the bones, ligaments, and insertion of the tendons of the lower body. To perform a squat, place your feet flat on the ground, at shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and bend at your knees as if you were going to sit back in a chair. Slowly lower your body so that your legs are almost parallel to the floor.

Lunge exercise for erectile dysfunction ED:-

A lunge can refer to any position of the human body where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind. It is used by athletes in cross-training for sports, by weight-trainers as a fitness exercise, and by yogis as part of an asana regimen.

This exercise can enhance your experience in the bedroom by ensuring proper engorgement of the penis with blood. Lunges are also great for building strength, and endurance. They can improve your mobility, core stability, and balance. Practicing these exercises on a regular basis can take care of the common cardiovascular causes of ED like the blood flow problems, heart diseases, and hypertension.

To practice, stand with your upper body straight and your shoulders leaning backward and relaxed. Hold your chin up. Picking a point in front of you to stare at can help you maintain this position and prevent you from looking down.

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