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Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to gain weight

How to gain weight

Everybody wants to look perfect in this wonderful world but the problem begins when some people have normal weight while some have more or less. The lesser or greater amount of weight stops you from having perfect shape. Now a day for this not only youngsters but also mom, dad and all aunties are trying to get in shape by doing gym or eating healthy.
Still we don’t see any positive results that we expect and think that how do the actress or actor get fit so soon. If they can do it then why can we not see the changes in our body? Then the answer arises in our mind that they have personal and professional dietitian and gym trainer for themselves those consistently make them work hard and bring them in shape so I should also join a professional trainer and many new ideas arises in your mind. But is this enough to spend money to have a perfect trainer only? The answer is NO. 
Because the trainer can only guide you and can also make pressure on you to do hard core exercise and eat less or more according to your body type but think for a while how about if you know the concept of weight training in detail, who will care for your body more, The answer is Yourself because it’s only you who can feel the real need of our body whether it is hunger or sleep. 
So I suggest you to not waste your money on any kind of market products and a personal trainer. It will be good if you do some exercises at home and eat according to your body that makes your heart happy. But the question arises now how do we know the concept of weight training and the factors we need to take care of. So don’t worry we are here to help you. Continue reading below and you will get your answer that can really help you in your own training.

What is the Human body weight?

Scientifically the weight is the amount of gravitational force you applied on the earth but in our common language the human body weight refers to how much a human weighs using a weighing scale without any accessory on his body. 

In our daily life we often measure our body weight which differs every time. If you measure your body weight using analog weighing scale you cannot see the actual difference in your body weight but if you uses digital weighing scale you can see there is always a 0.1 or 0.5 difference every time you step on the scale. 

That because the air friction we feel, our weight is a little more than what we see on the weighing scale. We don’t measure our real weight. The amount of water is not constant in our body every time we measure our 
weight we wear clothes that may be sweaty or drenched or dusty that can increase your real weight by a difference of 0.1 or 0.2. But no need to worry your actual weight cannot be stable. 
You can see this by yourself, measure your weight in a day after every activity like eating, drinking, running, sleeping and peeing etc. you do since morning to night.  You will find out that your body weight is lying somewhere between a range like 41-42 or 65-67 etc. that depends on your body.By doing this you will be able to know about your actual body weight range. Excess or reduced body weight tells you about your health.

Now, what should be the next step?

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI defines your health status. After checking your weight you must need to check your body mass index.Body mass index is calculated by dividing the body mass by the square of the height of a person. It is calculated in kg/m2. 

It differs for person to person according to their height, weight and age. You can easily calculate your BMI using the BMI chart or you can calculate over the internet directly.

Just type BMI in the Google search bar and fill your height and weight in the required section. It will show you the result that you are underweight or  overweight or normal.

BMI                Definition
Below 18.5     Underweight

18.5 to 24.9    Normal weights

25-29.9           Overweight

30 or above    Obesity

 If you have normal BMI than no need to worry because you are already fit just keep doing your best for your health.If you have underweight BMI than you need to worry about your health because your body is not getting enough nutrition’s that you really need.If you have overweight BMI then you also need to worry about because your body has a large amount of extra fat that you need to burn.

A slight difference in your BMI is normal it is ok to be healthier but huge difference than normal BMI is not acceptable.So now move on to the next step that has to be take care of…

 Calorie Content

Calories refer to the energy people get from the food and drink they consume, and the energy they use in physical activity. A calorie is a unit of energy.We eat food daily but the amount of food is not fixed. Sometimes we eat a lot of food and sometimes we don’t even take half of the meal of what our body needs to function well. 

Some people think of gaining weight and increase the food intake and still, they don’t see any positive results and get hopeless.But don’t worry we will tell you what the problem actually is.Actually, first of all, you must know about the calorie intake what your body needs daily.

Everyone requires different amounts of energy each day, depending on age, sex, size, and activity level. It’s very easy to calculate the amount of calorie we actually need for body functions.Just multiply your weight with 40 and you’ll get an average amount of calorie  

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what your body needs.

For example, if your weight is 40 kg then you must take 1600 calories every day to make your body functioning properly. 
An average woman needs to eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain, and 1500 calories to lose one pound of weight per week. An average man needs 2500 calories to maintain, and 2000 to lose one pound of weight per week.

However, this depends on numerous factors. These include age, height, current weight, activity levels, metabolic health and several others. 
The recommended intake of calories per day depends on several factors, 

·        overall general health
·        physical activity demands
·        sex
·        weight
·        height
·        body shape

See what do you eat daily and check the amount of calorie contained in it. Then sum up all the calories of your daily food ingredients. You can see the difference in calories what you need and what you actually eat. 

If the amount of calorie you eat daily is more than average calorie your body needs then you are getting enough nutrition for your body but other factors may involve in weight loss process.

If the amount of calorie you take daily is lesser than the amount of calorie what your body needs than food is playing a major role in your weight loss. Then you must need to be concerned about your diet.

Because of increasing intake of fast food by youngsters and children the amount of calorie intake is reducing day by day and your body doesn’t get enough nutrition so first check that what are you eating?

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Eat the food that is tastier for your health not for your tongue only.

Actual reasons for weight loss

Sometimes your weight can lose normally for balancing the functionality of body. But if you feel the rapid change in your body or you feel the rapid change in your health, you might have any of this disease which causes rapid loss in your weight.

1   Diabetes

It reduces the amount of insulin hormone in your body which produces more urine in our body. We feel tired every time. During this phase our body needs more energy to function which is taken through our muscles. Our muscle’s tissue brake down to fulfill our body needs and that’s why our weight reduces rapidly day by day.


If your weight loses rapidly you might have this disease. Hyperthyroid can result in rapid increase or decrease in your weight loss. During this phase you may feel tired all the time and can have body pain every time.

Stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer can cause a high pain in your stomach and needs extra energy which results in rapid weight loss, nausea and vomiting. The most common causes are bacteria and use of anti-inflammatory drugs.
Bacterial infection

Our parents always forbade us to eat outside food; still we eat and come in 
contact with outside infectious food which results in food poisoning. It may also result in Diaherra and cause dehydration and weakness. This may result in rapid weight loss.

Depression or too much stress
Too much stress is never good for your health. When your mind takes too much stress your body needs extra energy to burn. You don’t get full nutrition and your mind make you feel weak that will surely result in your weight loss.


Cancer obviously a dangerous disease results in many changes in your health. The condition even worsens when you lose weight rapidly. It can also make you like skeleton.


So much of cough and chest pain may burn extra calories in your body which leads to burn muscles to gain some energy that results in rapid change in weight.

Crash diet

People are running towards their goal now days but in this race of getting success.they sometimes forget to take care of their body. Unplanned diet and sleeping is the main cause of your body stress. Your body burns up to 2000 calories a day to help you to work faster but you must gain at least of 2500 calorie a day to not lose the energy of your muscles. If your muscles break you need to have extra calories to maintain the amount of energy in your body.

Digestive issues

Sometimes you may have digestive issue due to many reasons. It can be climate change, travelling, lifestyle change, sex or your mood. In this phase you don’t get enough energy and to provide nutrition to you your body works which results in some weight loss.

Parasitic infection

Parasites may enter in our body through food items. Parasites are those living being who lives on others like butterfly on flowers. Parasites enters in our body with the food and they eat our mass slowly which result in weight loss even if you are eating properly. In some cases, it may cause itching, redness, irritation, and an unusual discharge in your genital area. Giardiasis may cause diarrhea, gas, upset stomach, greasy stools, and dehydration. Cryptosporidiosis may cause stomach cramps, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, and fever.

If you feel that you may have any of this disease you must consult to the doctors right now. Being late at this stage can result in big problem.

But if you do not have any of this disease and your weight is still losing then you might over exercising or not getting full diet.

If you still not satisfied with the reasons you must consult a physiotherapist to get full body checkup. Also you need to meet a psychologist to check your mental health.

Now if you find yourself fully healthy then you need not to worry about your lean body because some people have their thin body structure due to their genes which they get them through their parents.

So be happy and enjoy your life!!

Now come to the remedies what to do if you can increase your weight by doing weight treatment.

So first understand that what the weight trainer does while your weight training.

Weight training

When you go to the gym or any professional weight trainer, he/she first take measures of your weight and amount of calories you take per day. About this I have already told you above. Now the time to calculate the difference in calories what your body demands and what you eat. Next step is to make your diet plan according to calorie you need and calorie you burn daily. The last and most important step is to select workout exercises for your body type. The trainer understands the concept of gaining weight  and he/she make you to do some exercise that your body needs.

What happens when you exercise?

When you do exercises, your body burns energies to do the exercise. Lean person don’t have extra fat to burn then what happens in his/her body?

For giving you energy to do workout your muscular tissues breaks apart like a thread and burn energy to help you. Now when you eat food your body takes nutrition from it. Actual working happens when you go to sleep. During your sleep your body works internally, whatever you eat your body draws available nutrition’s from it and distribute them in all parts of your body. When these nutrition goes to your muscles they join and become elongated than before that increase your muscles. If you practice the same continuously your muscles increase day by day and you become fit.

Exercises for weight gaining

1.     Lift dumbbell

Start with lifting 5 kg dumbbell for at least 10 times by holding in your both hands. This exercise increases the muscular tissues in upper part of body. Your biceps and chest size will be bigger than before. If you don’t have dumbbell either you can buy them or start with anything that weighs 5 kg as per your choice. 

Your hands should be in straight position while holding dumbbells.  After 10 days you may increase the dumbbell weight from 5kg to 8 kg or more if you are comfortable. Don’t lift a very heavy weight from starting since it can break not only your tissues but bones also. So be smart and go step by step and when you feel the change in your body you may try some heavy weights.

2.     Meditation

Meditation is a very good practice for everyone. It is a key to a healthy life. If you want to get a perfect figure and healthy mind, you must do meditation daily. For this you need a calm place and fresh environment. Go to the park or any calm place in the morning wherever you feel good. Sit there in a straight position. 

Keep your palm on your knee by folding your thumb and middle finger in contact. Now slowly close your eyes and feel the fresh smell of nature. Now slowly start concentrating on one thing, it can be anything like bird chirping, blowing air, sound of water or any sound around you. Besides of these you can also concentrate on your breathe. Just try to count your breathe. Breathe deeply and start losing the thoughts coming in your mind.

You can practice it anytime whenever you feel good. But try to keep you phones, laptop away from you while doing this. Start doing this for at least 10 minutes a day. It takes time while learning this art but if you could do this for one month 10 minutes a day you will surely gain some weight and a healthy mind. Don’t stop now, continue this practice lifelong.

3.     Squats

Squats are excellent exercises to gain weight. They are an option when it comes to putting on weight around the quadriceps, the back and the calves. The area around the legs is the largest muscle zone and one can gain much weight if lunges and squats are performed in sets. If executed with proper form, the squat has the potential to develop knee stability. On the other hand, if done incorrectly, injuries to the knees and back can occur.

You will feel pain while doing these exercises because of muscles stretching but don’t lose hope; once your body will adapt all this you will be able to do this easily and will get a perfect figure. Whenever the negative thoughts come in your mind, imagine yourself as clicking picture in front of the mirror, how handsome or pretty you are going to look in future. Girls may also think about the dress they want to wear but could not because of lean figure, imagine yourself wearing those pretty dresses and fascinating others with their charms. After all there is no gain without pain.

Diet Plan

After doing all these exercise your body needs a good diet to provide you energy to do work. The average diet plan can be like this-

You must eat three full meals a day and two little meals.

The choices can be anything that you want to eat in your meal and snacks. Here are some ingredients that you must include in your meal.

1.     Milk, Soy, Soya bean, Pulses, Fish(for non-veg)

Our muscles need lot of protein to join together. All these ingredients contain enough amount of protein. If you don’t feel hungry you can also take a protein supplement that increases the amount of protein in your body and maintain your immune system.

I suggest you not to take the large amount of these ingredients at a time. Start with little amount, make your body adaptable and then go with your body’s demand.

If you like to drink milk, you can drink it directly but if you don’t like milk you should try to make new dishes using milk like smoothies, ice cream, curd, kheer, shakes and many more you can find on the internet or in your circle.

Don’t force yourself to take this you should make your food interesting enough that your mind feels that you are going to eat something very delicious today.

2.     Potatoes, corns, oats, whole grain breads, Pasta, Sweet potatoes

All these ingredients contain enough amount of starch that your body needs. You can eat boiled 2 – 3 potatoes a day to increase your weight rapidly. Whole grain breads are so good for your health; you can make many dishes with bread like sandwich, cakes, pastries etc.

3.     Dry fruits

Raisins, Almonds, Cashew, Pistachio, walnut etc. provides rapid energy in your body to have healthy mind. Keep them always in your bag and eat whenever you feel little hungry. Don’t overeat that can make digestion problem in your body.

4.     Fruits

Eat any fruits per day that you like to eat. Eat good fruits and try to drink juice if available that provides hydration to your body. Dried fruits are also rich in minerals. For example, You can also make banana chips at your home and enjoy them.

5.     Water

Drink lots of water every day. Keep your body hydrated all the time. If you don’t drink enough amount of water your muscles will shrink and you will cramps in your body that loses weight.

You can see that Sportsperson always have a water bottle with them because they know that water is very important for their body so they take water with the bottle with them everywhere.

6.     Vegetables

You must eat vegetables in your meal. Don’t just touch the vegetable with the chapatti; you must have a piece of vegetable in the piece of bread you eat every time. 

You can include any vegetable in your meal but try to avoid spicy food as it takes more efforts to digest and also damages the digestive system. Have some milk, curd or buttermilk after eating spicy food.

7.     Junk food

Yes, you read it right you should eat junk food as it increases weight. But you need to take care of that you don’t get addicted to it unless you will be either too fat or your digestive system will be in the worse situation. Don’t eat open food on the streets. 

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Try to choose a covered food place.

8.    Channa

Channa contains the high amount of minerals that will keep your body energetic all day. Eat some nuts daily as you like to eat.

Eating all this together is not the solution for gaining weight, you should eat different meals every day but full of nutritions.

For example  a person who goes to office at10 am, can wake up by 7 am in the morning, go to park for exercise, around 8:30 am Breakfast which may include a glass of juice/milk and sandwiches/parathas/egg omelets etc. then he can eat chana on his way to office or whenever he is free around 11:30 am . Now at the time of lunch, he may eat 4 Chapatti with one vegetable, one dal, and rice with some salad and after that some curd. Then next he will be hungry after 2-3 hours.

so he can eat some biscuits or snacks or dry fruits around 4 pm. Around 8 pm the full dinner. And almost 8-10 glasses of milk in all day.

The situation may differ from person to person but the point is you feel hungry after every 2 hours but don’t eat anything and keep burning your calories. No, you can’t do this anymore after reading this.You must eat anything after 2 hours interval that message your mind that you are not going to starve all day long and you will feel energetic all the day . 

The last step is to take 7-8 hours of sleep every night. That is the time when your body gets time to release all your stress that you have collected all the day and repair all the body parts internally and externally as well.
Urination also plays a major role in this process. You must not control the urine for so long time that can result in acidity and health issues.

“Healthy body needs a healthy mind” because everything starts with you whatever you feel to be like. So be healthy always.

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