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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Some good eating habits

Easy healthy eating habits are an important part of the healthy living diet.

They can make or break your success when it comes to health and weight loss.What to eat and not eat are top of mind when it comes to health and weight loss, but little thought is usually given to how food is prepared and consumed. Best food preparation practices and how and when you eat are just as important as choosing quality nutritious foods for your body.

Eat Slowly

You must be unaware of the fact that brain takes at least 15 minutes to realize the fullness or hunger. So, always eat slowly; it will help you finding whether you want to eat more or you are full. 
If you want to take the second serving, try to take it smaller than the first one. It will help you avoid overeating and ultimately the obesity.

Drink Water

Not soda. Not iced tea. Just plain old water. 
This is the biggie. Drinking enough water is a vital part of any conditioning program because it keeps your body functioning in homeostasis and aids every aspect of bodily function. 
Highly successful fit people drink at least six to eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day, plus more as needed during exercise. 

No distraction while eating

Kids have short attention span; they get distracted quickly to other sound or music so it important to limit the distractions during meals. 
Make sure that no TV, laptops, music players are on and no toys or other distracting stuff are kept around.

Avoid Junk and Processed Food

Whether you are hungry outside of regular meals and you need a snack, or you are having your main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), make sure you avoid junk food. 
Don’t have breakfast at a fast food restaurant, don’t eat this greasy hot dog with plenty of processed mayonnaise for lunch, and don’t dine on processed pizza.

Eat much before you sleep

Fix a reasonable time for your dinner, and don’t go to sleep immediately after eating. 
Make sure to leave a gap of at least one or two hours before you hit the bed. This way, other metabolism changes take place at a faster rate, due to which you wake up thin and hungry, just right for the breakfast. 
So don’t let the food digestion process happen when you are asleep, rather let other activities take place in your body during the night.

Have onion and garlic 

Onion decreases blood pressure and garlic decreases cholesterol. 
Any amount and form of onion and garlic will give you the benefits of their properties, 
but a raw garlic clove taken on an empty stomach in the morning is the best.

Make a schedule

The first basic of starting healthy eating is by making and sticking to a schedule. 
This is because making a schedule will help you manage your day better, food wise. 
You can also consult a professional for the same.

Eat With Your Family

Eating meals with family doesn’t give only pleasant and quality time letting you converse and share with family members, 
but you will also learn eating good and teach your family member to eat good. 
Eating together will also keep you in the knot of following healthy eating habits regularly.

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