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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Parents should help to get rid of Bad Habits of Kids,

Some bad habits can create a bad impact on the growth and development of kids. 
Therefore it is essential to encourage kids to quit such bad habits as early as possible. 

Children develop bad habits at a very tender age. While some bad habits fade with time, the others remain. These bad habits hamper your child’s normal mental and physical growth. It is only a wastage of time and energy and annoying too. So as a parent try to help your child get rid of these bad habits as early as possible.

Read about the some bad habits in kids.

Sugary Snacks or Drinks

As much as the idea of brushing after every meal may stick in your head, most adults and especially children do not follow this advice. 
Since your child won't always be able to brush after they eat, the residue and debris from the snack they have eaten will sit on their teeth until it is removed.  
The same is true for the drinks that they consume throughout the day.  
If these snacks or drinks contain a large amount of sugar,  your child will be at higher risk for decay.

Judging other parents

This one’s hard for us all. We’ve all seen that parent, the one yelling at their kids in the Target check-out. 
Yes, sure, fine, you’re right they could all make better choices, and maybe they should. 
But instead of focusing your energy on their wrongs, spend more time focusing on what you do that’s right. 
Every time you have a parenting ‘win,’ give yourself a little credit. 
Go ahead, revel in your parental awesomeness! You do you, so to speak. Let the rest bother you not.

Nose Picking in Public

At times you may find it so annoying if you see your child picking his nose in public and then taking out the contents and wiping it on the wall or floor.

Tell your child it is a bad thing to do and teach him or her to clean his or her nose in private and dispose of the contents in a tissue paper.

Phone addiction

Screen time limits are an excellent idea to help kids monitor their time. But what about Mom and Dad? 
It’s hard for us adults to monitor ourselves when much of our work and social time occurs online. 
But we’ve got to do it. Sometimes you have to put down that phone.

Hair pulling

Don't punish your child for fiddling with her hair or try to prevent pulling by cutting her hair short. 
Having her wear mittens on her hands to make her more aware of the habit doesn't really work, and neither does offering toys or other bribes.

The most effective way to curb hair pulling in preschoolers is to ignore it and focus instead on trying to break the thumb or finger-sucking habit that often accompanies it. 
Of course, this will work only if your child is motivated to stop sucking her thumb and cooperates with you.
If your older child pulls her hair, talk to her pediatrician. Sometimes counseling helps uncover an underlying disorder, such as depression.


Paying a lot of attention to the bad habit and punishing your child may actually have a negative impact. 
He/she will be encouraged to repeat the behavior when given attention. Hence initially it is best to avoid paying attention to the annoying habit and let your kid outgrow the habit on his own with time

Bad language

Cursing when you cut your finger while slicing avocados is one thing. Using frequent swear words around your kids or letting them hear you sprinkle them into your day-to-day speech is quite another. 
These aren’t habits you want your kids picking up from you.

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