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Thursday, October 5, 2017

These Habits makes Man A Gentleman

The word "gentleman" is a word that gets used a lot, right? Just another name for a guy, a man, a dude. 

But in reality, it is a term meant to distinguish a man who stands apart from all those other guys. 
It's an old term, of course, but a real gentleman is a solid, dependable man no matter if we're talking about 1955 or 2017. 
And while the definition of what makes a man a true gentleman is changing and evolving with the times, 
the signature principles remain rooted in age-old traditions. 
After careful consideration, we've compiled 10 essentials skills and attributes that you need to possess in order to call yourself a gentleman. Make these your daily habits and there's no doubt you'll see success in all facets of your life.


While the saying used to go “the suit makes the man”, in today’s world, things are a bit different in a way that a lot more is expected of a real gentleman. 
There are many traits and habits that make a man, the essential ones being confidence, health, his strength, and his posture.
And you can have none of these if you sit all day and eat all night. 
So get up, get moving, and start exercising. 
Not only does physical activity have tremendous health benefits, it boosts your self-esteem, makes you more masculine and gives you the perfect posture to go with that perfect suit.

Calls when he says he will

We women are used to waiting for his call ... and waiting, and waiting, and checking our phones, and waiting, and waiting, and checking to make sure our phones are actually functioning, and waiting, and waiting. 
There's nothing more infuriating.Women crave reliability, but we no longer anticipate it. 

Opens doors for you

We’re sure all you ladies can open doors for yourselves, but when men open the doors for you, their point is not to make you feel weak, but to make you feel adored and pampered.

Negative social media

Keep all negative social media activities to a minimum, because no gentleman engages in things like Twitter fights or passive-aggressive Facebook statuses. 

Saving the last bite of food

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. 

So, when he saves the last bite for you, it's basically him saying he likes you more than whatever meal is in front of him. 
Which, for the record, is a lot.

Always have good manners

This one is not optional either: being a gentleman means being polite and well-mannered all the time, no matter what the circumstances. 
The way to think here is to lead by example. Imagine yourself as an outsider. 
What would you look for in a gentleman? Impeccable manners and behavior are always near the top of the list, so make sure that you always use your pleases and thank yous, even if no one else bothers. 
Why? Because it’ll make you look much more of a polite, decent human being, and over time will actually change the way you behave around other people for the better. It’s nice to be nice.

A gentleman gives her his jacket

Especially when it's freezing. Especially when it's snowing.Especially in the rain. If she looks cold, she's cold. Just take your jacket off.

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