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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why does acidity increase suddenly in the stomach?

Acid is a disease of the stomach that arises in the stomach that suddenly increases the amount of acid in the stomach. This problem occurs when the amount of acid is increased in the stomach which digests well. It is a mixture of hydrochloric acid. But when the production of this acid begins to increase in the stomach, then it begins to cause many kinds of problems. In the stomach, the acid is also made due to several reasons, such as eating more oily foods or taking more diet.

Problems with skin problems, the problem of excessive sweating, indigestion and irritability etc. are the problems of becoming acid. So it is very important to have some healthy accounts every 2 to 3 hours. So that the body did not make more acids. Let's know the symptoms of acid formation in the stomach and what doses should be taken during this period.

Stomach enlargement:
When acid becomes excessive in the stomach, there is a problem of flatulence. If you suddenly feel like a gas is becoming in your stomach or the stomach is blooming, it means that acid has increased in the stomach. At such times, eating cold things gives quick relief.
Acid reflux:
This problem occurs when the food present in the stomach moves from opposite direction to the diet tube. Apart from this, there is acid reflux even after having an empty stomach. When the stomach remains empty, the enzymes and acids do not allow stomach food to digest and acid begins to form. In this case, Lower Esophageal Spencer (LES) does not work properly and the oesophagus pushes the acid upwards from the stomach. If the acid that digests food in the stomach comes back to the throat then it causes wounds in the throat.

Due to the increase in the amount of acid in the stomach, there is a problem of heart burning. Apart from this, you may also have acidity or gas problems.

Stomach ulcers:
Growing acidity in the stomach can also lead to some serious diseases. You may also have problems with stomach ulcer due to high amounts of acid.

Green vegetables:

If you are also troubled by the problem of acid, then eat green vegetables like carrots, cabbage, capsicum etc. It is better that you do not cook them in more oil. If they are boiled and eaten, they get the most benefit.

Dairy product:

Consume cow's milk, ghee, salt without salt, cottage cheese, goat milk, ice cream, yoghurt etc. Health is also good with their intake and there is no problem of bile.

Fresh fruit:

Eating apple, avocado, fresh figs, grapes (black or red), baked mangoes, melon or watermelon, orange, papaya, coconut, dates, pears, pineapple, potato, fever and pomegranate are beneficial.

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