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Friday, September 8, 2017

4 breathing exercises every pregnant woman should do

Breathing exercises are just about the perfect way in which you can effectively reduce your stress levels and develop an overall feeling of goodness and health. Regular breathing exercises during pregnancy can have enormous benefits during the pregnancy term, during labor and delivery. Yoga experts recommend that you shouldn't hold your breath during yoga while you’re pregnant because it could potentially reduce the amount of oxygen available to your baby. So it’s important to get the technique right.

Slow Breathing

This kind of breathing is used in the first stage of labor when the cervix dilates less than 3 cm. When the uterine contraction happens, start with a deep breath then breathe slowly – deeply (inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth), breathe slowly, steadily and end with a deep breath when the contraction is over. When inhaling, you should see the abdomen rising, and coming back in when you exhale.

Breathing from your stomach

Sit in a very comfortable place with cross-folded legs. Relax your entire body smoothly. Keep one of your hands beneath the belly and other above it. Keep breathing deeply. Breathe deep from your lower abdomen and fill the belly with fresh air and keep counting. Do not exhale fast.

Counting Breaths

When you count your breaths, you can help your body and mind relax. It is a great exercise and will come handy during labor.


Pranayama can help you breathe well, with an equal balance of oxygen inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled and this can be very helpful for you and your child. Take deep breaths and exhale at the same pace. Doing so will help you maintain a perfect balance between oxygen inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled.

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