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Sunday, August 27, 2017

weight loss motivation tips that can help you to lose weight

If this isn't the first time that losing weight was one of your New Year's resolutions, then maybe you just haven't had the right diet motivation. It turns out that the key to losing and keeping weight off isn't simply a matter of what you eat or how much you exercise - it's your attitude. Lasting weight loss is a slow process and it's all too easy to give up before you reach your goal. With the right psychological tools, your chances of diet success can be greatly improved.

Answering these questions often helps to boost motivation just enough to remind you of why you started the diet in the first place-

*   If I stop my diet, how will I look in three months or one year from now?
*   If I stop my diet, how will I feel in six months or one year from now?
*   If I stop my diet, what will my health be like?
*   If I stop my diet, how will my family and friends be affected?

Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight

Clearly, define all the reasons you want to lose weight and write them down. This will help you stay committed and motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Nobody is perfect. Sometimes we eat more than we wanted. We might eat a slice of pie at dinner or a bowl of ice cream. It’s ok. Whatever we choose to indulge in, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Set goals

'Lose weight' is too vague. You need a clear and achievable goal, such as 'lose 10lb in 10 weeks'. Write down how you're going to achieve this, such as 'run three times a week' or 'go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday' and STICK TO IT.

Go Slow

Diet success entails making real lifestyle changes, and that doesn't happen overnight. "You have a better chance at keeping the weight off if you lose it slowly.

Toss out clothes that do not fit you

Some people make the mistake of trying to diet into a piece of clothing as a goal. Repeatedly trying on clothing that does not fit you can be de-motivating. Also, instead of choosing clothing that flatters you, you are trying to force clothing to determine how you feel about you--which can lead to you feeling poorly about your body. If you feel bad about your body, you may not take care of it as you should.

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