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Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to show your love to husband

Sometimes you feel like you and your husband both are getting busy in your daily routine day by day after marriage and your husband can be unromantic somewhat. If you want to let him know how much he means to you, then you have to know what to say to make him feel loved, while remembering that actions often speak louder than words. At that time you should rejuvenate your love again by doing some little efforts such as-

Quality Time

This is all about time. You feel most loved when you get the chance to spend good quality time with your spouse! You love when you and your spouse get to spend 100% uninterrupted time with one another!

Pray for him

Even during the times that your husband spends time out of town. You should pray for him. That really makes him believe that how much he means to you.

Tell him you’re honored to be his wife

Tell him that you’d say ‘yes’ to him all over again!  This is a fine habit to make in your marriage and it’s never too late to start.

Wish him

Send a video of yourself saying, “Good morning” or “Good night”.

Care for him

Bring him a glass of water if he’s working out in the heat. Bring him a drink when he’s working at his desk. Ask him what he’d like for dinner–let him choose the menu at least once a week. Wear something you know he loves.

Respect his independence

Let him have a night out with his buddies, encourage him to go camping with his brother, and don’t get annoyed when he’d rather spend the evening reading or working out than having dinner with you.

Physical Touch

If this is your love language you crave physical contact and appropriate touch in your relationship. You love being close with your spouse and whether it be a hug, holding hands, or more, you feel loved when there is physical contact in your relationship.

Tell him you need him

Your husband can be a huge help to you when it comes to computers, car, and technology (and a host of other things).  When you let him know you need his help because you can’t figure something out, he feels like Superman.  Everyone likes to feel needed.

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