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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Qualities a good wife must have

The wife is, in the truest sense, the soul of any marriage and without her, the household would be chaotic. So what does a woman need to be a good wife? Irrespective of the fact that no two women are similar, some basic qualities apply to all. Read on to know more.


This is very essential among the most important qualities of a good wife. The prudent management of resources in the home is one way to help save for the rainy days. An extravagant and ostentatious wife is a ticking time bomb for any man. A woman must have a saving culture if she will really fulfill her role as a ‘support’ for her husband. She must be able to see beyond the present and store up grains in the barn on behalf of her family.

Shares your beliefs

Your potential wife should share common beliefs with you. You may think you can do some missionary dating, and turn that situation around so she will believe everything you do, but you’re probably going to be very disappointed with some bad side effects.

Be Compatible

Living under the same roof with another human who is completely different from you in harmony and peace is not everyone’s cup of tea. But co-existence is not just a theory it can be accomplished if you take a few extra efforts. Always be patient and kind, don’t try to superimpose your views and opinions about everything on your husband, respect his views and learn to cooperate. This is the key to a happy marriage.

Sexual Intimacy is important too

If a guy is not met with his sexual needs it can be reflected in his mood. If your husband is frustrated often the reason might be that his sexual desire is not being fulfilled. One of the reasons why most marriages fail is because of lack of exciting sexual relationship! According to a research, the reason why most men cheat is mostly physical whereas for women it is emotional! Make your husband happy in bed. The best way to satisfy your husband is to think in his shoes and give him what he needs.

Communicate Effectively

Listen to you carefully. When a husband tells his wife something, she repeats it to show that she understands with feeling. For example, "I hear you saying that you're worried about finances, and that's why you've been working late."

She avoids passing judgment. She waits for her husband’s response. After he has done talking, she offers a solution. For instance, say, "I'm willing to live on a tighter budget if that means that I get to see you more often."


Women are more prone to discuss their husbands over a cup of tea or when they meet at the market. Telling your pals about how much of a moron is your husband doesn’t really help him correct his weaknesses, instead, you are running the risk of hurting your relationship. If you think you won’t be comfortable discussing things about him when he’s around that clearly signals you better keep those things to yourself. After all, putting down your spouse is also reflective of your own competence because you married him.

Loyalty to your husband initially refers to sexual fidelity but it also includes building and boasting his confidence and establishing respect towards him from your children, family, and friends.

Gives space

Giving each other space is important in any relationship. You need to realize and accept that your husband has a life separate from you. He has other people and relationships too, such as his parents, siblings, and friends. He also has his interests and hobbies. Do not stop him from having this other life. Give him as much space as he needs. This will make him love you more. You also need space and time to do what you like. This will give you and your husband time to miss each other and appreciate each other.

Be the Best Friend

The best kind of marriage is the one where the couple is best friends and shares every secret from the past and every plan of the future.

A good woman RESPECTS her husband

A good wife will try to treat her man with respect. How? Much of learning how to be respectful toward your husband has to do with the way you talk to him. The old phrase “It’s not so much what you say but how you say it” should become a wife’s motto. This doesn’t mean you need to be careful what you say to your husband – just be respectful in the way you say it. Respect stands tall among the most important qualities of a good wife. When you have it, you have the heart of your husband.

She makes him a better man

If every day is hell with him that should be a red flag. She should elevate her husband to himself. He can get a good idea from his friends and family. Do they say he acts differently in a bad way when she is around him? Not a good sign. She should bring out the best in you, not bring out heartache and frayed nerves.

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