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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

what to do when feeling lonely

Being lonely is a different matter entirely. When people are alone, they don’t always feel lonely. While many people can still feel lonely even if they are surrounded by people. 

To put it simply, loneliness can be viewed as a signal indicating that some important social connections are at risk or even absent.

Go for a walk

Expose yourself to the natural elements of this earth. Breathe the cool, misty morning air. Feel the warmth of sun against your skin.
Watch the leaves slowly fall off from their tree branches. Observe the weather and finally come into a conclusion that there are so many things in this world that you can’t control. 
There are so many things that aren’t going to happen according to your plan and learn to be okay with it.

Find activities to distract yourself with

Distracting yourself and keeping yourself busy can prove to be an excellent option to alleviate feeling lonely.
Pursue activities that help you to forget everything around you. Make sure that there are many activities in your schedule that keep you distracted and active during the entire day. 
By filling your schedule with beneficial activities, you do not only contribute to your progress in life, but you will also effectively avoid situations in which you repeatedly mull over the fact that you are feeling alone.

Flicker through old photos

Looking at old pictures is a fantastic way to cheer yourself up. The old photos will take you back to the joyful days of your past.
Skipping through your photo album will also help you remember all the beautiful memories of days long passed.

Watch a movie

Who says you can’t learn anything from a movie? A lot of films are reflections of real life. They tell stories of different people in different situations. 
You can find connections to the characters and sometimes you can even put your feet in their shoes. 
When loneliness is calling your name – go watch a movie, turn the volume up, and lose yourself in it.

Spend more time with your family

Maintaining a good relationship with the members of your family is not always easy. However, by actively seeking to spend more time with your family, you can take an important step towards overcoming feelings lonely. 

If necessary, have the courage to make the first step when the contact to some of your relatives has diminished over the years.

Reconnect with your friends

Sometimes commitments and responsibilities eat so much of your time and you don’t realize you are slowly becoming a stranger to your friends. 

The best way to shrug off the loneliness when it starts to drape its arm over your shoulder is to contact your friends whom you haven’t seen in a while. 

Keeping up with them is great reminder for you that there are actually people in this world who care about you as much as you care for yourself. 

Having a good laugh with the people who have known you for years proves that life is still worth living.

Adopt a Pet 

Having a pet can heal pain or anxiety arising from loneliness.
It does so, as it colors your leisure time. Pets are always there willing to spend time with you.

Think of all the strolling, playing, or like me with my dog, sleeping together.

So, these are some of the many ways to do when you feel lonely.
Be Happy and Keep Smiling.

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