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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Keeping safe yourself on public transport.

Planes, trains, automobiles and buses, what do they all have in common? 

They are all forms of public transportation which many of us rely on to save money and get to a destination more efficiently.

Well, all it takes is a few seconds of something bad to happen to you that will change the rest of your life! 

We strongly encourage you follow these some simple personal safety tips for all public transportation.

 1.    Know the route, departure times, pick up locations, and how much money and change you will need to pay. 
Thieves are looking for someone who is distracted and leaving cash out in the open.

2.    Don't open your purse or wallet while boarding a bus. Instead, keep the fare amount/pass ready in hand.

3.    Don’t take sleeping/anxiety pills before an overnight bus or train. It’s so nice to conk out (and I have to admit, even I’ve done it), but it’s not worth sleeping through someone taking all your stuff, is it?

4.    Keep your phone close to your lap and behind your leg. 
When sitting on the bus or train, cross one of your legs over the other and then place your phone so it’s behind your crossed leg, just touching your lap. 
Sure, looking down at your phone probably isn’t the best for your posture or neck muscles. 
But, doing so while on the train makes it harder for someone to swoop in and snag it.

5.    Be friendly if talking to other passengers but don’t go into too much detail and don’t tell people where you live.

6.    Always trust your instincts - if you feel uncomfortable getup and move or do whatever you can to improve your situation.

7.    After you call for a cab ask for the driver’s name. 
When that person arrives to ask them their name to ensure it’s not a bad guy who saw you waiting for a cab and 
sees it as an opportunity to kidnap or attack you.

8.    If traveling by train and tube, try to avoid sitting in an empty carriage.

9.    When you leave your bus or taxi don't walk home alone in the dark.

10. When you reach your destination always have your keys ready to get into your house or flat before you get out of the taxi or auto.

11. Don’t wear your nicest jewelry while traveling and using public transportation abroad. 
This can draw unnecessary attention to yourself and make potential pickpockets wonder what other nice things you might be carrying.

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