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Monday, September 11, 2017

how to get your nails in great shape in no time

First, a bit of nail growth science

Your nail might look like one solid sheet, but it’s actually made up of layers. These layers are made of a protein called Keratin – also a component of hair and skin.

 The only section which actually contains any life at all is right at the base of the nail, the matrix. This is where the new cells grow from, and as they do, they push old ones along, making our nails look longer.

Let's start with the basics

The best way to shape your nails is by using a nail file. Some prefer to do their trimming with clippers

As for the type of file, there is a variety to choose from, including glass files, metal files, and emery boards. Tramline uses a glass file because of the fine grit of the board. 

A glass nail file is made from small crystals and this type of file lasts longer than emery files or metal files.l Once you’ve reached your desired nail length, the next step is to figure out the nail shape that works best for you.

While trendy nail shapes have found their way onto our fingertips, there is one safe way to know what shape works best: Check out the shape of your cuticles.

Round Nails

Oval Nails

Square Nails

 Tips on how to get your nails in great shape in no time

Tip 1

Use a base coat to give your nails white purity. Keep nails in perfect condition and top coat to fix manicure.

Tip 2

Classic oval shape, which makes fingers look graceful is very 'up-to-the-minute'.

Tip 3

Another hot trend is short, square nails.

Strong, long, perfectly polished: a set of natural-looking nails are something most women dream of…but how do we get them?

Now, you may be thinking, since you can’t grow out your nails, you can’t do much with them apart from the basic round. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not so! Here are some tips for those of you who suffer from nail breakage.

  • Acrylic Nail
  • Gel Nail Polish
  • Cuticle Nail Oil

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