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Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to get rid of dark circles

If you’ve developed dark circles and are worried you’re going to be stuck with them forever, don’t be. These useful home remedies will help you get rid of dark circles for good.

What Causes Dark Circles Around The Eyes.

The unsightly dark circles can be caused due to many reasons. Find them listed below:

Sleep deprivation
Tiredness and exhaustion
Nasal allergies

Constant itching and rubbing due to skin conditions like eczema
Skin irritants in makeup products
Exposure to the sun (in the absence of a good sunscreen)

Here are Some Home Remedies for Dark Circles

1.Aloe Vera Gel For Dark Circles

What You Need
Fresh Aloe Vera Gel and Cotton Pad

What You Have To Do:

Apply the gel under the eyes and massage for a few seconds. Leave it on for about 10-12 minutes. Clean with a moist cotton pad.

Do this once during the day and once before going to bed.

2. Cucumber

What You Have To Do:

Cut the cucumber into thick slices and place them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. 

Take two slices and place them on the eyes, ensuring they completely cover the affected area. Leave them on for 10 minutes, and then wash your eyes with cold water.

You Need To Do This, Twice a day for about a week.

3.Tomato For Dark Circles

Mix the tomato juice with lemon juice and apply this mixture on the affected area. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water.

 Repeat twice a day, and follow it for about two to three weeks.


If you have sensitive skin, add a teaspoon of rose water to the above mix before using it on the under eye area.

4. Rose Water (Gulab Jal)

What You Have To Do:

Take the cotton balls and soak them in rose water. Place them under your eyes and leave them on for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Do this daily for four weeks for best results.

5. Baking Soda

What You Have To Do:

 Add the baking soda powder to the water and mix well. Soak the cotton pads in this and place them on the eyes for 10-15 minutes

Doing this once daily will give best results.

6. Potato for Dark Circles

What You Have To Do:

Grate the raw potato and extract the juice from it.Soak two cotton balls in the juice. Place the cotton balls on the dark circles, ensuring that they cover the affected area entirely.

 Leave them on for 10 minutes. Then, remove and wash your eyes with cold water.

Repeat this Twice a day regularly for two to three weeks
7. Saffron (kesar)

Soak the saffron in the milk for few minutes.
Now, dip the cotton ball in this and apply the saffron-infused milk under the eyes. You can also apply this all over your face and neck.Leave it on for 10-12 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Repeat this daily.


If you stay healthy, you will be less prone to any ailment related to your skin. Follow the above mentioned home remedies for dark circles and enhance the beauty of your eyes to get complimented

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