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Thursday, September 21, 2017

How fish spa therapy is useful for health

A fish pedicure, also known as a fish spa therapy, involves patrons dipping their feet in a tub of water filled with small fish called Garra rufa

The fish bite is believed to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Individuals who desire this therapy prompted to insert his foot in the pool or warm freshwater tank containing tens to hundreds of fish. Small fish and toothless it will suck and gently nibble dry and dead skin from the feet.

Amazing benefits of Fish Spa therapy

1. Feet Smoother

Fish spa is a therapy performed by “doctor fish” whose name is Garra rufa. During a treatment customers place their feet in tanks of warm freshwater containing loads of Garra rufa fish.

These doctor fishes gently nibble to provide foot massage by emitting micro vibrating sensation as well as getting rid of dry and dead skin.

2. Glowing skin

This fish spa exfoliates the skin. Fish spa removes dead skin and brings back the glowing skin. The fishes eat up bacteria and dead skin from the foot.

3. Reduces Itching

Fish spa benefits as it softens the feet and reduces itching and blemishes. Almost like a pedicure, fish spa helps get rid of dark spots and rough feet.

4. Nourish the Skin

A standard treatment takes approximately 1 hour in which you completely submerge the area to be treated into the tank filled with the Garra Rufa’s. Relax while they get to work. Once they’re done, lavish yourself with a soothing massage that will help nourish the skin.

4. Improves blood circulation

This form of therapy helps in effective blood circulation and stimulates the proper flow of blood all throughout the body the use of the Garra rufa fish helps exfoliate the skin really well.

5. Relieves from Tension

It is a good massage as it attacks at the acupuncture points and releases endorphins. It appears to be very ticklish, relieves the person of tension, stress and results in laughter. They soothe the skin very fast.

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