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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Harmful habits that affect your teeth

Are you used to bite your nails in stressful situations or to make use of teeth for tearing packages? Did you know that such habits are harmful to your teeth? Here are some gestures that you must avoid. Most of them we do, day in and day out, without even being aware of them…or the impact they have on our health. Identifying which habits might be hurting your mouth can save you tons inexpensive dentist and orthodontist bills down the road.

Opt for a soft bristled toothbrush

Although many believe that the toothbrush must be firm for a better cleaning, this is totally false, especially for adults with an advanced age. With the passing years, gums are withdrawn leaving the roots exposed, and this can cause sensitivity.

Smoking and tobacco

Smoking is one of the most destructive habits for your mouth as it not only causes discoloration of the teeth and bad breath, but it can also cause loss of bone density in the jaw, inflamed salivary glands, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Nail Biting

Nail biting can cause teeth to chip or break, and even damage our enamel! Our front teeth are typically the first to suffer from nail biting. Even worse for your teeth, is biting your nails with braces. Due to the pressure sustained on the teeth from orthodontic treatment, nail biting puts you at a bigger risk for tooth desorption (the shortening of tooth roots) or tooth loss.

Utilizing Teeth as Tools

Can’t open that packet of ketchup? Your teeth may seem like a good solution, but using the teeth as a tool is a risky habit. Your teeth are not meant to be used as tools. Doing this can lead to broken or fractured teeth and even worse, tooth loss! Keep in mind that damage to your teeth leads to a greater risk of cavities and decay.

Brush teeth too aggressively

Using bristles that are too firm for your gums or pressing too hard when you brush can also wear down your teeth and gums over time. It’s better to use a lighter hand and take time to brush thoroughly.

Grinding teeth

Many people grind or clench their teeth when they sleep; this is also known as bruxism and can be caused by stress and by sleep disordered breathing. If you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth during the day, this habit you can control. Try relaxation exercises (or mindfulness meditation) and make a conscious effort to keep your teeth slightly apart when at rest.

Taking multiple medications

Many types of medication can cause dry mouth, and when your mouth lacks moisture (saliva) your teeth may become more vulnerable to acid attacks and erosion of enamel, gum disease, and cavities. Your mouth can also become uncomfortable when dry.

Chewing ice cubes

Biting or chewing on ice can crack, break or chip your teeth, and this dental habit could lead to you needing a filling or a crown. If you’re an ice lover, we recommending sucking the cubes rather than biting them.

Biting on Pencils and Pens

You may be daydreaming or trying to solve a problem, and suddenly you have the end of a pencil or pen in your mouth. This tends to be an unconscious habit. However, it is an important one to watch out for. We don’t realize the amount of pressure we are putting on our teeth when we bite on non-food items. Gnawing on your pencil or pen is putting you at risk for broken teeth. If this becomes a constant habit, your dental works such as fillings and crowns can be at risk. This is definitely a habit we want to stay away from!

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