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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Foods that harm immune system

A strong immune system is vital for staying healthy. 

Getting enough sleep, exercising, and good nutrition are all things that support your immune system. 

Conversely, running on a sleep deficit, living a sedentary lifestyle, and eating unhealthy foods will make your immune system weak. 

Let’s take a look at some of the absolute worst types of food for your immune system.


These sugary drinks contain 30-50 grams of sugar in just one can. 
Sugar can decrease your immune system just 10 minutes after you drink it. 

The acids found in the colas can lead to damage to your intestinal tract, which allows germs to enter. 
However diet sodas can damage your immune system. 

The aspartame found in them can affect the neutral cells within the body, making more space for infectious ones.

Fried Foods

In addition to being full of fats that could increase your “bad” cholesterol, fried foods can also trigger inflammation, leading to reduced immunity. 

But one study suggests that just cutting back on fried foods or better yet, getting rid of them altogether could “help restore the body’s natural defenses regardless of age or health status.” 

Plus, fried foods accumulate acrylamide, a dangerous carcinogen.


Potato chips contain an ingredient known as olestra. 
Actually, it is a substance that works as a substitute of fat which means it lowers the fat content of the final product but unfortunately, 

it has its own set of side effects and it could hit your immunity by binding to certain vitamins and carotenoids.

Sugary Snacks

Some sugars—refined ones are the absolute worst—can actually suppress the immune system. 
One study suggests that the sugar actually targets the cells that attack bacteria.  
And the effect can even last for hours after you eat something sugary.
Red meat

Red meat is a top source of saturated fat, which may increase inflammation in your body a common way your body reacts to harmful substances, injuries and disease. 

For boosted immune function, switching red meat out of your diet in exchange for another source of protein. 

Choose oily fish for protein instead. Oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel and halibut, provide omega-3 fatty acids essential fats with anti-inflammatory properties.

Foods That Contain Pesticides, insecticides and other chemical remnants on food can also hit your immunity.

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