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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Male guide to female communication

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, women are really not as complicated as you think. The basic way to have a successful relationship with anyone is communication. It is the foundation of any friendship and relationship. But let’s face it, when it comes to the opposite sex, we have NO idea how to communicate (most times). I am going to provide for you a male guide to female communication.

Men and women communicate differently and that is mostly biological or just what they have acquired in their lifetime. When it does come to having good communication men are very poor at it, but at the same time women are no better at it either.
I am going to shed some light on the male brain a bit and give them tips as well as inform them on how a woman thinks.

Listen to each word

When you are in conversation with a female, you should hear each word carefully because missing any word you would not be able to give her a good reply what she wants to hear.

That does not mean that you should sit in attentive position and stare at her to hear each word. You should show your interest and understand the matter not only by her words but also her expressions.

Know how and what to say

Often when a woman tells you her problem she plans on organizing her thoughts as she is speaking to you. Most times when we speak the words just end up spilling out like those extra gumballs you end up receiving from a candy machine. When we talk about something we are not always looking for a solution, but we just want someone to understand what we are feeling. LISTEN, LISTEN and LISTEN. And make eye contact. Don’t be paying attention to the TV.

When she says “it doesn’t matter,” it absolutely DOES MATTER.

You see, each meaning is just the exact opposite of what she says. Therefore, just keep in mind when she says something, and then think the exact opposite. You must beware, though, because this is extremely context based. For instance, if you ask her what she wants for her birthday and she tells you, do not think you’re sly and get the opposite of what she said, because most likely she meant it. If she replies with “I don’t care” you can probably guess that she does in fact care. You should know by now what your girlfriend/fiance/wife/etc. loves. If not, women always love jewelry. That should help you.

Try to avoid your superiority

Some women try to keep her superiority low and hidden to make you feel more manly yourself so you need not to show your superiority.

Make your mind for wait

When she says she is almost ready and asks you to give her 5 min. she would take more than 5 min. so make your mind to do something else in that time and avoid anger.

Women are not direct

When I say that women are not direct I am not saying that men are more honest than women. What I mean is that men like to get straight to the point every single time. Women do not like to be rushed. We are unable to think of things to say on the spot, but apparently, you are able to conjure up words out of thin air.

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