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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to memorize anything

Memory is the process by which information about the world is stored in our brain in order to give us a sense of who we are.

Just imagine, what would happen if you suddenly lose your memory? Just stop and imagine for 2 minutes! You would be good for nothing.

How many times have you misplaced your keys and wasted all your time looking for them? How often have you gone to your room and opened the cupboard to take out something only to find yourself standing there wondering why have you opened it? And once you go back to the other room and resume your work, that's when you recall what you wanted.

Things get worse when it comes to studies. I am sure as a student you too must have faced situations where, even after preparing well for an exam and revising the course in the morning, you forget everything as soon as you get the question paper in your hand.

After such incidences, you might feel that you have a poor memory and may be concerned about improving it. Well, one of the best ways to try to improve it is to understand more about its nature and how it works.

After doing a lot of research on memory, scientists have suggested that the process of memorizing can be divided into 3 main stages:

1-Registration-Taking in information.

2-Retention - Storing information.

3-Recollection- Retrieving information from our stores as and when required. 

For converting any information into a memory some important factors are-

1- Attention- It is the ability to focus on chosen task so that brain process only the task and ignores the rest of stimuli.

2- Interest - When you want to learn and remember something for a longer time, your interest in that particular information plays an important role.

3- Emotions - Mood of a person affects what we notice and remember. That is why when we are depressed or sad; we tend to remember all negative events whereas one good memory leads to another.

You can train your brain with some simple techniques as follows-
1- Attention can be improved by meditation.

2- Any information can get registered in our brain only if it can be associated or linked with any of the prior information already present in our memory.

3- Our brain stores memories in the form of pictures so try to make images of things what you are reading will help you to memorize.

4- Our mind is attracted to unusual and outstanding things, events or people easily so we should use ridiculous thinking to co relate the things.

5- We can give a personal nick name too difficult, abstract words, technical terms, scientific terminology, general facts and names of people and places to memorize.

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