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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Signs that shows you are in a wrong relationship

Whether a relationship is 'meant to be' is often determined by how much work each partner decides to put into it. And if you feel you have done all that you can, and it still hasn't worked out, then you decide the relationship wasn't meant to be.

But let's review some signs that could help you identify sooner when a relationship is wrong for you.

1- You don't feel like you-

Everything you've liked about yourself, who you are, or what makes you uniquely you, is faded or gone. Sometimes partners try to control us and can call this behavior "love". It happens gradually and one day we don't recognize ourselves.

2-You are constantly trying to prove your worth-

It's bad enough that we have to constantly seek our worth in the world.But if we're also doing this in our relationship, there's something wrong.Because that's the one place where you should not have to prove your worth.Here are some signs that you're constantly seeking your worth in a relationship:
· Your ideas are shot down.
· Your partner doesn't support your dreams.
· You rarely get to talk about you.
· Your partner may listen to you but don't hear you.
· You feel invisible.

3- You feel like you are witnessing a relationship instead of being a one -

Many people get to a state where they let life happen to them instead of allowing themselves to happen to life-by engaging and truly living to their fullest, and making their dent in the universe. You can start to go through the motions of life rather than fully living your own. The relationship is no longer built on passion but based on routines.if you believe in your heart that this is due to him or her more than to you, it's a big sign.

4- You break up with you-

At some point, you have ended the relationship you had with yourself. You've given up or given in-and you may not even realize it. May be you told yourself that "true love" means finding someone who makes you want to live longer and be a better person and may be that's how you justified changing yourself in order to make the relationship work.  

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