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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Side effects of soft drinks

Maybe it is the taste that drags us towards this drink. When we are really very thirsty then we want something that is not pure water. Pure water quenches our thirst. But the problem is that it is flavorless. So it does not quench our taste. Our taste buds get satisfied if we drink something that has added flavors and added preservatives in it. If in addition, the drink is chilled then nothing like it. We love to wet our throats with small cans of these.

Side effects of soft drinks -

1 Soft drinks do not contain anything which can help your body growth.

    These drinks can increase unnecessary fat in your body.

    It may be a cause of diabetes.

    It weakens the bones.

     It damages our teeth by removing enamel.

    It may lead to develop a kidney stone.

  It may create complications in pregnancy.

 so we suggest you to drink lemon or natural fruit juice to gain some    nutrients in-spite of drinking soft drinks which harms our body and causes  diseases.

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