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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Life with braces on your teeth

If you are thinking to put on braces on your teeth for the better smile, be prepared before being with braces, because your life will change with braces. An orthodontist applies braces on your teeth according to the shape or position of teeth in your mouth. If you have jumbled teeth one over another then you are going to feel so much pain during the first week with braces because orthodontist removes some teeth for creating the gap. The removal of teeth causes many problems-

1- You feel so much pain in your mouth that you can't speak loudly.
2- Your braces will tear and rub against the inside of your mouth.

To avoid these problems you can take painkillers given by your orthodontist and use dental wax to stop the wire hurting you. You can also use clove oil and ice to reduce pain.

But if you have spacing among your teeth than you are not going to feel any kind of the pain because there is no need for teeth removal. In this case, orthodontist applies braces on your teeth following the clean-up of your teeth. After this, you will feel some problems in your mouth-
1- Your gums, teeth, jaw and head will be sore.
2- You fear about eating sticky food that can be stuck in your braces

This is simply a process of giving beautiful smile to you so you have to count days for putting off your braces. You can also distract yourself with other things like music, jogging, and whatever you like to do.

For cleaning of teeth, you must follow these steps -
1- Brush your teeth twice a day, one before the meal in the morning and other in the night after the meal.
2- You should floss your teeth once a day so that no food can remain in your teeth to cause plaque deposit.
3- You should wash your mouth once a day with mouth wash containing cetyl pyridinium chloride.

Some soft foods that you can eat during your first week of braces -

1- Ice cream
2- Curd
3- Steamed vegetables
4- Mashed potatoes
5- Blended soup

For proper caring of your braces, you must visit frequently to your orthodontist. Improper scheduling can lead to longer time with braces.

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