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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hairstyles that suits best with your saree

In our Indian culture saree is the best traditional outfit for women. It has been the identity of the traditional woman for centuries now. After all these years saree has also become a new fashion trend for women. Women do make up and dress up in different styles to look more beautiful but if your hairstyle doesn't suit with your saree then your whole make up goes waste. So here are some best hairstyles that will compliment any saree perfectly and make you look like princess that you truly are -

Messy Low Bun:-
Whenever you wear a backless blouse, a chic messy bun style works perfectly to suit your saree and face.

Half-Up Curls:-

Some women like to curl their hair for the party, so go for a half up style with silk saree that will help you complement your beautiful saree and jewellery.

Loose curls:-
If you are going to wear a simple chiffon saree, just curl 2-inch section of your hair and lightly run the brush to open the curls .really its simple and shower.

Half - Up Puff:-
To show yourself younger with an old designed saree, you just need to divide your hair into two sections and make a bun of all of the upper hair and curl the remaining hair. It really hides your age.

Side Fishtail Braid:-
A traditional saree calls for a traditional braid. So just braid your ponytail by alternately picking up a thin section of hair.

Gajra Bun:-
The beautiful garland of jasmines has the ability to transform the simplest of hairdos into something gorgeous.

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