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Friday, October 30, 2015

running challenges for weight loss

A set of challenges you may face before weight loss.

Mental Preparation: The most important step before initiating any weight loss plan is to be mentally prepared for it. You mind will play a crucial role an motivating you to control your cravings when you want to indulge.

Choosing the Right Exercises: Your body may not be accustomed to exercises and fitness programmers may prove to be a pain if you aren’t ready for them.  Start with low intensity exercises so that you don’t get tired and demotivated and get rid of the weight loss regime in its totality.

Inspiration and Advice: Your BMI may be very high which may make you feel that you have no hope. But, weight loss in a sustainable way is best when done over a period of time and not through crash diets. If you are obese consult a dietitian to plan your diet and customize it as per your weight to help you lose weight quickly.

Stay Motivated: Your body and mind may not be in sync to support your weight loss plan. This is experienced by first time joggers who face dissonance in what their mind wants to do, that is run and body wants, that is, rest. Constantly imagine your ideal weight and figure to remain motivated and complete the lap.

Intensity Boosts: Slow progress in previously tried regimes may prove to be a big challenge before you start out on your weight loss plan. Push your body out of the comfort zone, increase the rate at which you jog or run, combine it with a balanced low calorie diet and catalyses the progress of weight loss.

Stop Comparisons: You may see public figures and other celebrities and feel low. Comparing your body with someone is doing injustice to yourself and it will be a dichotomous challenge. You can either chose to feel demotivated while comparing your body to celebrities and think you will never have that perfect shape or you may be positive enough to idealize those body and do your best to reach that figure.

Diet and Nutrition: Controlling your cravings even before you start your weight loss program will be a yardstick to help you measure your progress eventually. It combines physical strength and mental well-being to curb the habit of indulging in food items not required by the body.

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