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Friday, September 1, 2017

how to take care for lips

Our mouths need just as much care as the rest of our skin, if not more -- but despite everything they do for us, our lips are often overlooked or downright neglected. Keep reading to find out how to fight off some of the most common lip problems and put forth a perfect pout. Men, don't stop reading now - this article's for you, too!

Before going to bed, you must clean your lips with a damped cotton ball. For cleaning you can use plain water or some makeup remover or cream.

Apply milk cream and some turmeric powder. Massage this over the lips and keep it overnight. It removes the lip darkness and keeps them moist.

Make sure you drink 8 tall glasses of water per day. Remember that hydration is extremely important to keep lips nourished.

Matte lipsticks can be extremely drying (which helps these lipsticks stay put for so long). That's why you should use them sparingly when your lips are extremely chapped. Instead, alternate use of them with hydrating lipsticks (as indicated by ingredients like vitamin E and/or glycerin) or add a layer of moisturizing lip balm underneath.

When you brush your teeth at morning, rub your lips also softly with your brush. It removes the dry skin from the lips. So, your lips look fresh and impurities free.

Regular use of lip balm offers the fastest remedy for chapped, dry lips. Composed of waxes and oils, some formulas also contain menthol or camphor to soothe rawness and stinging. Others feature allantois or aloe to speed healing. Many incorporate sunscreens as must for outdoor exposure, but make sure they contain UVA-protecting ingredients like avobenzone, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

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